2020 - Corn Hole Tournament at the Elk's Lodge Idaho Falls, ID

2019 - 3rd Annual Fundraiser at the Frosty Gator in Idaho Falls, ID

2018 -  Adam's Foundation is granted 501 C3 status.

2018 -  Fundraiser at the Frosty Gator in Idaho Falls, ID.

2017- Fundraiser at the Frosty Gator in Idaho Falls, ID.

2016- Foundation Begins to Raise Funds for the Members of Southeast Idaho in need of help and struggling with suicide.

2014 - Foundation Started to Raise Awareness about Suicide and Suicide Prevention in South East Idaho.

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and help.



Help Us Raise Awareness about Suicide and Suicide Prevention. Contact us if you would like to get involve. 

Foundation History

Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention

Our founder

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Cola Anderson - Founder

Available Now!

We are now able to take donations for AMJ Foundation online, on our website.

We will be holding Fundraisers.  Stay Tune for more information.

A Message from our Founder

Losing my son was the hardest thing I have ever had to face. The thing I remember most was fear. I felt so afraid and alone even though I had my family and so many friends who came to help and comfort me I could not shake the fear. I now want to do whatever I can to spare others of this feeling of helplessness.

So I, along with family and friends, are building a foundation for people to reach out to when there seems to be nowhere to go. I hope to give to those in need of monetary assistance in association with the prevention of suicide.

So often we think how much we would like to help but feel there is nothing we can do because we ourselves don’t have much, but if all of us could give even one to five dollars a month think about what that could do.

I am not asking for anything I am not willing to do myself. I too will donate every month to help others in need, so I ask please, help me help you, or a neighbor, or a friend, or family. Together we can help someone overcome what feels like insurmountable pain and hopelessness, and maybe even save a life.

Partners and Sponsors

The Frosty Gator

Breaking Boundaries

GEM Pro Audio

Teton Financial

The County Line Band

Mystery, The Band


Museum of Idaho